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SLIC och EU logga 2012

Campaign on psychosocial risks at work

A joint inspection campaign on psychosocial risk assessments has taken place in the Member States during 2012 with Sweden as leading country.

The campaign has been performed as a project of the Committee of Senior Labour Inspectors (SLIC) with a grant from the European Commission.

Within the project, a toolkit for inspections of psychosocial risks has been prepared and used during the campaign inspections in the Member States. For training on the inspection tools, a workshop took place in November 2011. The results of the campaign were reported during a final conference in March 2013.

In all, 26 Member States and Iceland participated in the campaign. A total of 13 508 inspections were made in the following sectors: 

The health sector, incl. social care (private and public)4 444
The service sector, e.g. hotels and restaurants4 259
The transport sector3 297
Other sectors1 508
Total number of inspections13.508

Below, the Final report of the campaign, the final conference presentations and the country reports have been published.
In order to facilitate further activities in the area of psychosocial risks, the toolkit in 22 languages and other useful documents on psychosocial risks will be available on this website even after the project period.

Final report

Read the final report here

Final conference presentations

See all presentations here

Country Reports

Go to the documents

Inpection campaign toolkit, 22 languages

Go to the documents

Other inspection tools

Go to the documents

Workshop 15-16 November 2011

Go to the presentations

Thematic Day 2009

Go to the documents

Background documents

Go to the background documents

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Self-evaluation tool for employers

SLIC 2012 liten logga

The idea of this interactive Self-evaluation tool is to help the employers to investigate and assess the psychosocial risks at work.

To the self-evalution in:

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